Why choose us?

We have qualified technical staff and our own assembly team.
We service both individual clients and large investments.
Our domain is long-standing experience and professional consulting and contracting.
We provide full warranty service as well as post-warranty service.

Our services:

  • Free measurements
    Technical assistance and technical consultancy
  • Professional assembly and short delivery deadlines
  • Warranty for our products and services
  • Courtesy and professionalism of our staff
  • Comprehensive investment service


You are building or renovating a house, you want to buy a finished building or apartment. Come to us, we will help you choose the right building materials, match the right technology, we will find for you reliable professionals. We will tell you how to best make a building, we will check the professional eye of the apartment or house before buying, We will help you save time, nerves and money.
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We rely on proven and highest quality brands

Window frames:


Aluminum systems: